Social Value in Scrutiny

Are you missing an opportunity to maximise the positive impact of council services and decisions on your community?

In financially challenging times, with increased focus on scrutinising value for money, are you ensuring that social value is given equal consideration?


Making social value a feature of scrutiny could be an innovative approach towards making scrutiny truly community-centred.


A one-day training workshop jointly delivered by Social Value UK (SVUK)  and CfPS aimed at officers and councillors involved in scrutiny. This session aims to provide understanding of social value principles, with practical ideas and guidance on how to ensure social value is considered in scrutiny.


The course aims to provide elected members and officers with the knowledge to support better scrutiny and recommendations that take account of social value. The workshop will help attendees to understand the importance of the Principles of Social Value and the ten impact questions – and how these are important for good scrutiny. Delegates will:

  • Outline the conceptual foundations of social value,
  • Examine the Social Value Principles,
  • Understand how the ten impact questions are required to account for social value,
  • Understand why it is important to consider social value in scrutiny
  • Consider the potential challenges and risks in accounting for social value
  • Discuss the necessary systems and processes that are required to embed social value into scrutiny and decision-making
  • Learn from practical examples of councils accounting for social value in scrutiny
  • Understand how to ask appropriate questions to ensure that social value information can effectively influence scrutiny


Social Value UK (SVUK) is a membership organisation that has provided training, research, and consultancy services to a range of private, public, and third sector organisations in social value measurement and management. It is recognised as one of the world leading organisations in the area of social value, and are the home of the Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology. For more information visit